J1CK-Tweet: Twitter for Java phones, Version 1.0

Please choose the appropriate link for your phone:

For all regular keypad or QWERTY phones of all brands (Nokia, Motorola, Sony-Ericsson, LG, Samsung, Huawei... except N95)

For Nokia N95

For touchscreen phones:

Nokia touchscreen phones (eg: Nokia 5800)

Other touchscreen phones (eg: Samsung F480)

For Blackberry version, visit the BB-specific page.

Some older phones have problems installing signed applications (eg: some LG and Motorola phones, for example LG KU380 and some old Motorola V3). If the links above fail to install, please try these, which are equivalent unsigned versions:

Regular keypad or QWERTY phones of all brands

Nokia touchscreen phones

Other touchscreen phones

J1CK-Tweet: Multi-account, Twitpic and camera support, QWERTY input; and much more!

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